The College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy (CPSP)

College of Pastoral Supervision & Psychotherapy

The College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy (CPSP), committed to “recovery of soul in the clinical pastoral movement,” is unique among chaplaincy professional organizations.  The CPSP vision and organizing principles are expressed in the CPSP Covenant.

CPSP prides itself on being the only fully integrated professional body that includes CPE supervisors, board certified clinical chaplains, and also those in training, as well as pastoral counselors and psychotherapists and those who train them, and other professionals.CPSP both accredits CPE programs and board certifies fully qualified members according to very rigorous Standards. The other major pastoral and spiritual care professional bodies are organized either according to separate member roles – as CPE supervisors (ACPE) or professional chaplains (APC), for example – or on the basis of members sharing a particular religious tradition (NACC for Catholic and NAJC for Jewish chaplains). Nearly every imaginable faith is represented in CPSP. With this diversity comes a serious commitment to collaboration and mutual support in what can be very challenging work.

Another CPSP distinctive among professional chaplaincy organizations is its requirement that all of its members be active participants in a small group known as a chapter. Board certified members as well as those aspiring to be certified receive on-going peer review and support in their chapter. The result is mutual accountability and ongoing professional development leading up to annual renewal of board certification. For those who have recently completed their training the chapter provides mentoring toward certification.

CPSP sponsors an annual Plenary gathering at which participants bring clinical case studies for peer and supervisor consultation. There are several three-day National Clinical Training Seminars offered each year including one in California every October.

Our Kaiser Permanente-based CPE programs are administered by members of CPSP’s Nautilus Pacific Chapter (NP). NP is the oldest and most respected chapter in the West and home to six CPE programs including four in California, one in Utah, and one in Italy.