Regular vs. Extended Unit CPE

We offer both Regular Unit (full-time) and Extended Unit (part-time) CPE.

In both, a Unit must consist of a minimum of 400 clock hours. These are divided approximately as follows: 300 hours of direct ministry in a clinical setting and 100 hours of training in a small cohort group and individual supervision. 

Successful completion of four units of CPE is required when seeking board certification.

Our program is year-round, not academic year based. New admissions to the program are ongoing at the beginning of each CPE unit based upon the availability of openings in the small cohort group of chaplain interns. Preference, especially in Regular units, is given to those who are committed to completing four units of CPE which is the requirement for board certification.

Our Regular Units are usually 12 weeks long and require a full-time commitment. One can complete four units of CPE in about 11 months.

Extended Unit CPE in our program is conducted over two Regular Units making it essentially a half-time program. The Extended Unit option is chosen by those who have significant outside commitments. Four good Extended units can be completed in less than two years.

Our commitment, in both Regular and Extended unit CPE, is to the highest quality of training. We have seen the benefits of setting a high standard for learning in every CPE unit. We have found that merely meeting minimum requirements in terms completing of hours results in inadequate preparation for real-life work in the field of clinical chaplaincy. Our program includes the preparation of a first draft (in the second unit) and a final draft (in the fourth unit) of the theory paper that is a requirement for board certification.  And of course we are proud of the very high level of success our program graduates have in obtaining employment as clinical chaplains including at Kaiser Permanente.