Our Exceptional Employment Success Rate

As of Fall 2020, every trainee (yes, every!) who has completed our program and wanted to work in chaplaincy has found employment as a chaplain.

This includes 11 who have been hired by Kaiser Permanente in the Northern California region. Two have become Kaiser Permanente Spiritual Care department managers. One has become a supervisor, and two are supervisors-in-training!

Isn’t this employment success rate uncommon?

Yes, it is. It’s not typical. In fact, it’s very unusual.

What has made it possible?

We attribute it to several things. When we launched the program at Kaiser Permanente in January 2013 we made a commitment to providing the very highest quality, cutting-edge clinical chaplaincy training. Since we do not offer a “sampler” program for those who wish to sign up and try out a unit of CPE at a time but only offer a true clinical chaplaincy training program for aspiring professionals, our interns and residents are more highly motivated (and typically more qualified coming in) than you’ll find in most programs.

That means our graduates are bound to bring a lot to the table in the job market.

But that’s not all. Unlike the vast  majority of CPE programs we make a commitment to support our graduates as they seek employment and board certification. By collaborating with CPSP chapters we provide ongoing mentoring and a collegial environment of peer support and peer review to promote success in getting a job in the field of chaplaincy and continuing to grow professionally once in the field.