1 January 2016  –  We are pleased to announce the launch of paid Chaplain Residencies and also a post-CPE Fellowship program (for already certified clinical chaplains) in the Vallejo and Vacaville (Napa Solano) Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) program. The first appointments will be made starting in March 2016.

Those selected as Chaplain Residents will receive stipends for up to four CPE units. There will be four residencies.

Additionally, a yearlong, supervised post-CPE Fellowship will be devoted half time to providing clinical pastoral care and half time to advanced chaplaincy training, conducting pastoral care research, and providing support to the CPE program. There will be one fellow per year.

The residency and fellowship programs are additions to the very innovative Chaplain Intern program that is already underway. Existing “regular unit” (full-time) and “extended unit” (half-time) CPE chaplain internship opportunities that do not include stipends will continue to be available. Internships do, however, come with full scholarships and other training allowances.

Stipends for residents in 2016 will be $44,000 per annum based on a 48-week training cycle. The fellowship is set at $55,000 for the year. Chaplain residents will be assigned to Kaiser Vallejo and Vacaville Medical Centers including the Level II trauma center and the palliative care program, the regional Kaiser Foundation Rehabilitation Center, the Kaiser Napa-Solano Hospice program, and Kaiser patients in nearby skilled nursing facilities.

Kaiser Permanente is committed to serving our very diverse population of members and patients with a team that is equally diverse. Therefore, we strongly encourage applications from persons who may bring greater diversity to the field of clinical chaplaincy and those who are bilingual are encouraged to apply.

There is no closing date for applications. Open residencies will be filled each quarter/unit on a rolling basis. Anyone seeking consideration for a residency should include a letter of interest with their CPE application.